Gabrielle Lennon

(941) 922-7475

Height 5' 3"


Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Green/Grey/Blue

Cosmic Radio (with Irene Bedard, Rider Strong, Jonathan Sachar and Daryl Hannah) Reporter Los Angeles, CA
MTV Video "Crazy" K-Ci and JoJo (with Julia Stiles) Ballet Judge
Los Angeles, CA
Roswell and Alistair Lead
New York, NY
The Metamorphosis Lead
Chicago, IL
Motherless Child Nancy Sarasota, FL
That Wasn't Me Claire Hayman Sarasota, FL
The Locket Deborah Sarasota, FL
The Congo Project Seraphine Idyllwild, CA
The Dinner Party (Isis Theater Company) Yvonne
Idyllwild, CA
What'll You Have (Director Andy Squazzo) Phyllis
Warner Springs, CA
Murder By Night (with Carole Kean and Earl Boen) Antoinette
Los Angeles, CA
Touch Me Real Carrie
Quito, Ecuador
Featured Actress
New York, NY
(Knitting Factory)
Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival
(with Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper and Harvey Keitel)
Featured Actress New York, NY
Henry VI, Part II Duchess Eleanor

Lenox, MA
(Shakespeare & Co.)

No Exit Inez
Chicago, IL
The Spirit of Philadelphia Featured Singer
Philadelphia, PA

United Nations 50th Birthday Party

Singer — Finale
New York, NY
Commercials List upon request


Summer Drama Program
Yale University
  Summer Drama Program
Carnegie-Mellon University
  Summer Training Institute
Shakespeare & Co.
  Gordon Phillips, Wilma Theater
Philadelphia, PA
  Diaan Ainslee, Manhattan Edge
New York, NY
  Larry Moss Studio Los Angeles, CA
  Joan Darling (current)
Los Angeles, CA


B.S. in Performance Studies
Northwestern University
  Honors Program in Creative Writing for the Media
Northwestern University

Special Skills

Singing (soprano). Certified Massage Therapist. Certified Advanced Scuba Diver (PADI). World Traveler. Piano, Recorders, and Cello. Yodeling. Dialectics. Very Athletic.

Other Notable Experiences and Broadway-Based Coursework

• Studied creative writing with Poe-Award winning writer, Stuart Kaminski.
• Studied acting and directing with Tony-Award winner, Frank Galati.
• Wrote, directed, and acted in Metric-piece, a film on the Metric System.
• Selected by the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs to participate in the Creative Capital Professional Development Blended Learning Program
• Written numerous short stories and poems, which have had public readings all over the country, including writing a poem that was performed at a large SGI symposium/cultural event on From Bondage to Freedom -- Awakening the Human Spirit, at Colombia University. Received a standing ovation.
• Extensive travel throughout and/or lived in Japan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, Nepal, Israel, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, India, Kenya, France, Switzerland, Holland, Monaco, England, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador; and throughout the United States. Residences have included in-depth knowledge and relationships with international families, including the family of grandparents living in a Borneo tree house, who had tattoos all over their bodies and earlobes hanging down past their shoulders, and who were headhunters twenty years before.
• Forty-five-minute private audience experience with the Dalai Lama.


• Two Puffin West Grants -- to begin creating a theater piece Acting for Social Change: Inside the Containers -- about people who are members of various groups that experience prejudice, and what their experiences have been.
• Three Sarasota Library Grants through EdExplorer to teach
+Writing and Acting the Memoir
+Creative Writing
• * Three Association of Florida Teaching Artist grants to teach
+Creative Writing 
+Writing and Acting Memoiric Poetry and Prose
• PoetryLife Grant
+To teach Writing and Acting the Memoir to survivors of sex trafficking. Individual Artist Grant
• The Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs recommended my grant application for full funding to the Florida Legislature for the 2018-2019 period (but the government cut out the budget, so no grants could get funded).
• The Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs funded my grant application for full funding to the Florida Legislature for the 2019-2020 period.
• The Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs recommended my grant application for full funding to the Florida Legislature for the 2020-2021 period (we are waiting to see if the government gives this its usual budget or cuts it again).

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