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I offer the following classes and seminars in the following subjects. Each subject is available as a single presentation (1½ to 6 hours), or as an ongoing class (1 to 1½ hours per session). Specially focused classes on poetry and short fiction, can also be arranged. Classes may be targeted for tween, teen or adult participants.

Class #1: Title: Creative Writers are the Heart of the World
Students will be guided in the composition and public presentation of poetry and short stories. These explorations will focus on finding deep emotional truth, and the cultivation of genuine values – whether it be laughter, emotional catharsis, or the addressing of important social issues. Gabrielle will teach the basic principles of poetry and short story composition, as tools to access deeply-held feelings and to initiate social change. Students will write original pieces, and learn acting techniques that transform their works into compelling presentations. Throughout the creative process, Gabrielle will teach the fundamentals of editing and revising in a fun, engaging, safe and supportive atmosphere. This seminar finishes with each student presenting his or her original work to the entire class.

Class #2: Title: The Essentials of Acting: Secrets of Professional Acting
How do you act the way professional actors act? This involves using one’s emotions, body and spirit as one’s “instrument.” These techniques are of great value, both to the inspired actor, and those who would like to get to know themselves and others more deeply. They are also a great vehicle for overcoming shyness, and allowing oneself to feel and express all of oneself. These acting tools teach people to know themselves well, and also to understand how other people (characters) think and feel – even people/characters the students may have judged or disliked before doing the acting work. This element of compassion makes the acting tools valuable spiritual tools as well. Gabrielle Lennon has studied with some of the best acting teachers in the country, and teaches using the best lessons from these leading instructors. The class will be conducted in a fun, safe and supportive atmosphere.

Class #3: Title: The Art of Public Speaking and Life Stories
Gabrielle will teach students to write pieces for public presentation, and to deliver them effectively. Students will work on various types of pieces, with guidance in selecting relevant material. The subject matter will range from humorous to issues of passionate feeling. Students will also practice impromptu speaking. This will be an enjoyable exploration that includes drawing on personal experience as material for public speaking, and gives direction for effective communication.

Class #4: Memoir Writing
Writing a memoir, from brief essay to book-length compositions, can tell the world stories from your life in ways that will move the hearts of all your readers. How do we honestly reveal our hearts and experiences on paper in ways that will captivate, fascinate, and move others? In this safe class, students will learn exercises, methods of writing and revision that will enable them to write memoir pieces with depth and clarity.

Class #5: Writing and Acting the Personal Monologue
Gabrielle Lennon will teach basic acting and monologue-acting tools, together with techniques for writing personal monologues. This will include class exercises to discover what monologues really are for us personally. All students will write and revise their own personal monologues, in whichever writing genre they wish, which they will then perform. Powerful interactive methods will be presented, to demonstrate the compassionate potential of the spoken word. This class serves as an excellent complement to the Class #2, the Essentials of Acting, for the development of professional acting skills.

Class #6: Performance of the Song
How does a professional actor work on a song? Learn step by step, with acting secrets developed to create magic while singing. Some of the most famous singers are not vocally gifted, yet they are riveting to watch and listen to because of what they bring to the stage; so whether your voice is well-trained or barely able to carry a tune, let’s together experience the fun of acting a song.

Class #7: Composing Meaningful Films
Class will view socially conscious documentaries and feature films, discussing the emotional and social impacts of each film – what it deeply communicates, and how the filmmakers (writer, director, actors) got us to feel these emotions or understand the ideas. Students will be guided through basic professional acting processes, to access emotional content and enliven filming concepts. Utilizing material from discussion and acting work, students will each write a script for a short film (five to fifteen minutes), dramatizing an issue or topic that is meaningful to them. This is an ongoing class of eight to twenty four-hour sessions, to include the viewing of eight to twenty films.
Films we’ll view and discuss:
Born Free
The Accused
Boys Don’t Cry
Jesus Christ Superstar
From Farm to Fridge
Harold and Maude
Muriel’s Wedding
The Secret Life of Words
What I Want My Words To Do To You
The Other Son
Bold Native
Twelve Years a Slave
American History X
Winter Soldier
Trans America
Southern Comfort (documentary)

Gabrielle Lennon:
I have worked for more than twenty-five years as a professional actress on stage and in film, as a published writer in many genres, and as a teaching artist. My books are available on Amazon and other online bookstores, as well as on my website and in the Sarasota library system. An Ed-Explorer teaching artist and member of the Association of Florida Teaching Artists, I graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Performance Studies (Analysis, Interpretation and Performance of Prose, Poetry and Drama) and an honors program in Creative Writing for the Media. I have performed poetry, prose and drama to captivated audiences throughout the United States, and internationally.
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